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          Anhui Jointer Auto Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd., is a genuine and professional manufacturer of auto parts, specializing in Cross Universal Joints for automobiles and off-road vehicles, machineries, Driveshaft Components and Couplings, as well as Fuel Stop Solenoids for VE pump. The facilities cover more than 20000.00 square meters, elegant environment.

          The first former company, was established on 1990's with certificate of ISO9001:2000, strict quality management, integrated service system, after about 20 years' growth, now more than 200 sets of advanced equipments, widely exported to Europe, Russia, North & South American markets, win good reputation..    Read More→


          Anhui Jointer Auto Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

          Add: Zhongyang Road 66, Laian Economic Development Zone, Chuzhou, Anhui, P.R.China

          Telephone: +86-550-5688866

          Fax: +86-550-5688867

          E-mail: info@pybparts.com    cardanpyb@gmail.com

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